The Fascinating Process Behind Making Large Bronze Sculptures

Here a pictures of some final pieces so you know what you’re about to get into. FacebookTwitter
Giant moose
A rodeo bull
So it basically begins with templates in order to get a gist of what the final piece will look like, as well as to give an idea to what the buyer should expect to see.
Next you have to build the frame work (internal structure) for the piece to be mounted and built onto. A maquette (a scaled down version of what the piece will be) is used as reference throughout the whole process.
Once the frame is built, foam blocks are stacked and glued in order to be shaped into the form of the animal.
A template is traced around the foam to the estimated proportions.
Starting to carve the dimensional shape using a reciprocating saw and exacto
Measuring constantly to get the right scale.
The piece is now ready for clay.
Now the actual ‘art’ process of sculpting. A thin layer of clay is all that is needed. As you can see, the foam is used to avoid using clay excessively.
Nearly finished with the first buffalo.