Chromium – Powerful Mineral For Your Health

Chromium is simply not a mineral that gets very much media coverage, except for web sites which are dedicated to weight loss or to body-building. Most people in the general public may have heard of it but are simply not aware of what is does or why it is so important for a healthy body in the way they understand about iron or calcium.

However, chromium is incredibly important for the general health, even though the body only needs it in very small amounts. And the problem is that with the current, nutrient-poor diet that comes from an overdependence on processed or convenience foods, most people do not get enough. Read on to find out more about what this mineral is so vital to human health.

Normalizes Blood Sugar

One of the reasons that chromium has begun to get more attention in the larger press is that several studies have shown that it can help those struggling with diabetes to manage their blood sugar levels. Adequate levels of chromium in the body make the digestive system more efficient at breaking down carbohydrates into glucose, thus requiring less insulin from an overworked pancreas. This is why so many diabetics who treat their conditions naturally use it as part of their regimen.

Builds Muscles

Contrary to popular belief, protein is not the only thing the body needs to build muscles. Because of the way the chromium effects the digestive system and makes it more efficient with its use of carbohydrates, muscle building actually becomes easier. The body also becomes more efficient at using carbohydrates after a workout for energy. On the other hand, poor controlled blood sugars and insulin levels that are out of whack can lead to less efficient workout. This is why so many body-building sites promote the use of chromium supplementation.

Lowers Blood Pressure

It’s a little known fact that when the blood sugar is elevated, the blood pressure can be elevated, too. If this becomes a chronic condition, both high blood sugars and high blood pressure are potentially damaging to the heat and can increase the risk of heart disease. Thus adequate chromium levels are, indirectly, good for blood pressure and heart health as well.

In short, chromium plays a vital role in many bodily systems and functions. Without it, digestive, muscular and other problems can easily result. That is why eating chromium-rich foods like nuts, seeds, oats, barley, broccoli and leafy green vegetables are so incredibly important to continued health. If chromium deficiency is suspected, it is also a good idea to consider adding chromium supplements to the diet, to help avoid the health problems that low chromium levels can potentially lead to.