Hilarious, Harmless Vandalism That Anyone Could Love (30 Pics)

Looks like someone overdid it at the pub last night. 
"Those prongs go where?"
What's the matter, buddy? Sad you can't see the view?
You've got to love what you do!
"You're just going to use your pants?!"
What a cute reason to not to eat vegetables.
Possessed babies need stuff too.
It's a good thing they have that sombrero. Looks like a hot one out there!
This guy loves to be played with.
This is so much more fun to look at than a sonogram.
Somehow those goofy googly eyes made this statue look even more threatening.
What kind of cruel person would give the inside of a bathroom stall eyes?
"Mmm... pancakes."
How fetching!

That's one way to stay calm in an emergency.
They seem a little bit too happy to be discussing pressing issues.
"I can't believe you just did that!"
Eh, I don't have to go anymore.
Wow, bacon has that effect on everything.
Such a peaceful sleeper!
Why don't all ATMs have this? What are those usage fees going towards anyway?
Man, what did they put in that stuff?
See! I told you your face would get stuck if you kept making those silly ones.
They seem pretty serious about it.
How many other bones did that dog just find?
"THAT just came out of me?"
"Oh, boy! I sure do love being a buoy."
"Okay, the diet begins now. You guys are my witnesses."
So. Close.