Cabo Polonio: An Idyllic Tourist Village Without Electricity, Running Water or TV

Cabo Polonio is a small beach village located at the tip of a sliver of sand jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean in the eastern coast of Uruguay in the Rocha Department. At the outermost point, stands a grand lighthouse looking out over two rocky islands where a large colony of sea lions live. The lighthouse is the only structure in the entire village that is connected to the power grid. None of the few hundred houses here have electricity or running water, not even sewerage. Only a handful of businesses and houses have generators or solar panels or use wind power to light their homes, but most people make do without. Fresh water is obtained from well or by collecting rain water.

Cabo Polonio is kept isolated from the rest of the country by a wide region of shifting sand dunes. The village is located about 7 km from the main highway but there are no roads leading to Cabo Polonio. The only way to reach it is by walking across the sand or by a 4x4 vehicle.