The Athletes of the First Winter Olympics in 1924

Spectators and the official stand
Spectators and the official stand
The silver-medal-winning British bobsled team
Competitors in the bobsled
Speedskaters at the starting line
The Swedish and British curling teams
Three members of the Swedish curling team taking a break to have a drink

Clearing snow at the Olympic stadium
An ice hockey team
Jacob Tullin Thams of Norway, gold medalist in ski jumping
Norway's Sonja Henie finished eighth (out of eight) in figure skating in Chamonix
Henie would go on to win gold in 1928, 1932, and 1936.

Andrée Joly and Pierre Brunet won bronze in pairs figure skating in Chamonix before taking gold in 1928 and 1932
The French couple got married in 1929.

Julius Skutnabb and Clas Thunberg of Finland won a combined eight speedskating medals in Chamonix