Creepy Suburban Connecticut Castle

Owning your very own castle is something most of us have dreamt of having in our lifetime. Standing on a balcony looking out over our sprawling piece of land, it’s a dream most of us will never, ever attain. If you have enough money though, you really can own your own castle. There are plenty of them out there, and you would be surprised at how cheap they go for sometimes. Well if you have $45 million burning a hole in your pocket, you would check out this creepy suburban Connecticut castle. It has a very unique, and even weird back story. Take a step inside this crazy suburban Connecticut castle and see what $45 million will buy you.
Christopher W. Mark is the grandson of a famous Chicago industrialist. He had the house built in 2009. From all accounts, he is a very strange guy.

Well, here it is. A castle built in a quiet Connecticut suburb. It would not have been my first choice of location.