Polish treasure hunters unearth wine hidden in Nazi bunker since before WW2

Treasure hunters are raising a glass or two after they discovered a couple of bottles of classic wine dating back to before the Second World War while they were exploring a Nazi bunker. Exploring the cramped maze of Third Reich of tunnels near Swinoujscie, a city in north-western Poland, the pair of local history buffs stumbled across a narrow corridor which had not been entered for around 70-years. Poking around, they found an old helmet, some uniform buttons and hidden in a rotten box containing ammunition, two bottles of 1930s Bordeaux wine reports the Daily Mail
 In the cramped entrance to a Nazi bunker where they made the discovery, a Polish treasure hunter holds the vintage wine he found near Swinoujscie, a city in north-western Poland

The red 1938 Chateaux Grand Barrail Lamarzelle and the white 1939 Chateau Latour-Matillac were found hidden in a rotten wooden ammunition box

The pair had to squeeze through a tight entrance to get into the maze of tunnels used by the Third Reich during the war. One is a red 1938 Chateaux Grand Barrail Lamarzelle, while the other is a white 1939 Chateau Latour-Matillac. The pair declined to be named in local media. Experts are divided on whether the wine would be pleasant on the pallet or little more than vinegar.  Polish sommelier Tomasz Kolecki Majewicz, 49, said that the temperature underground would make the bunker would have preserved the wines perfectly, adding that he thought if they were opened the vintages would taste fantastic.