The City of the Dead The Chinese ghost town

Anytime someone mentions China, thoughts of booming commerce and tons of people come to mind. I picture bright lights with streets full of people. After all there are 1.3 billion people living there. That's what makes this place even more extraordinary when you think about it. The place I'm speaking of is the city of Beihai, which can be found in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Locals call it "The City Of The Dead", and it is now an urban landscape that is completely deserted. The city was built to cater towards a rising class of wealthy people. There were hopes of these people investing in real estate, then buying up the properties. A lot of these properties cost upwards of three million Chinese Yuan, which is around $500,000.
A glimpse at some of the amazing buildings that were offered within Beihai. They were purchased by investors six years ago, but all of them remain completely vacant.

Even a city center was built to help residents be able to work and live where they were without having to leave the city.