Photos May Seem Fake (18 Pics)

Fishermen row a boat in Chaohu Lake, China, surrounded by algae as if in a painting
The trees were cut out to look surreal, in perfectly straight lines.
It looks like he walks on water, but these actually are giant salt flats in Bolivia.
This is an abstract tarp put over a building while under construction.
It looks like a giant piece of paper is rolling down the hill, but it actually is an art installation in New Zealand.
Half of a Marseille hotel room has been swamped in decoration by French graffiti artist Tilt, while the other half stays purely white.
This boat may look like flying, but it is just its reflection in very clear water.
The grass sphere outside Paris City Hall is actually flat.
Apocalyptic as it may look, this sinkhole appeared in Guatemala City in 2010. It is 60 feet wide and 200 feet deep.
This is the very weird aftermath of a 2010 toxic waste spill in Western Hungary.
This giant mug of beer in the distance is actually a sand storm in Australia.
This is not a black and white cartoon, it is an actual black and white Santa costume.
A car park in Australia has indicators made of letters which jump out of the surroundings.
This is not the usual scary dream, it is the Crooked Forest, in West Pomerania, with over 400 bent pine trees.
This is a floating cruise hotel in South Korea.
It may seem Photoshopped, but it is an optical illusion by Felice Varini.
Peculiar lenticular cloud looks like an UFO.
Madrid-based artist Alicia Martin designed a tower of books pouring out of the window into the street.