300-Year-Old Cottage That Is Left To Nature’s Mercy (22 Pics)

If you are traveling near Willersley you might hear strange rumors about an old cottage, how you can see flickering lights and how it is haunted.

Ghost have always sparked interest among people, some claim that ghost are real while others are skeptics. Old Crow Cottage is a cottage that has been abandoned since 2009,  but it was build in the 17th century.

Urban explorer Dan Circa was very interested by this cottage, and he decided to go inside. He saw many family paintings and clocks inside, this is to be expected since this cottage was used by one family for 300 years.

The cottage has seven rooms, but one of the rooms is collapsed while another one is burned. Everything inside of the cottage is historically priceless, and  Dan Circa hopes that all of the items will be preserved.