Personal Air and Land Vehicle (22 Pics)

Theres no denying that the personal air land vehicle is gorgeous and incredibly unique.

The PAL-V is made to perform. On the road it looks like a futuristic 3 wheeled pod that will speed past you at speeds of 112 miles per hour.

The PAL-V provides every luxury you would need in a standard road vehicle but there's one main difference. It can FLY!

Depending on the model the PAL-V seats one or two people and can fly up to 315 miles. On the road it gets about 28 miles per gallon and handles like a sport bike.

They say driving it is just like a motorcycle because the rear wheels angle depending on the corner you are turning. This leans the entire vehicle, keeping the center of gravity low, in order to obtain such high speeds on pavement.

The futuristic flying car requires just 540 feet to take off and under 100 feet to land. This makes it capable of taking off and landing on any road.

The personal air land vehicle is designed to fly in the uncontrolled airspace of 4,000 feet or below. This is where hang gliders fly so you can go just about anywhere without a long hassle or air control regulations
The Pal-V is a work of art and only the best, most durable, materials were used.

The PAL-V can take off along side with the big boys at the airport as well as a grass field or paved road.
A lot of testing went into this amazing machine and many many hours on a simulator were spent. The details had to be absolutely perfect before its maiden voyage.
Because it is designed to fly lower than most planes it has a lower rotation speed on the main blades. This means it is much more quiet than a standard helicopter making for a more comfortable flight.
Governments around the world have already started laying out digital freeways in the sky to prepare for the future of personal flight for transportation. Government support is a good indication that personal air travel is in the future.