Cruise Ship On a Cliff is Actually a Hotel (22 Pics)

Perched high atop a cliff, facing the ocean, is the Sun Cruise Hotel in South Korea.
A closer view inside reveals the size in comparison to already massive hotels in Gangneung, South Korea.

Inside the Sun Cruise Hotel you will find all the extravagant, nautical decorations that you would find on any normal cruise ship however, this ship is far from ordinary.
The views are spectacular especially in the winter time when the beaches and mountains are blanketed with snow.
Because there are no fuel costs and the crew is much smaller, the Sun Cruise Hotel is much more affordable than most cruises allowing for beautiful state rooms with amazing views.
The suites aren't too bad either.
This is a place I would love to visit!

As well as a pool that is much better than your average cruise ship pool which is limited to space constraints.
The sun is the centerpiece in most areas of the Sun Cruise Hotel.
Due to the fact that this ship is on land you have the opportunity to really explore the local area without a time crunch to get back to port.
Many events are held on the ship such as fashion shows, corporate meetings and gatherings as well as certain expos.
The beaches below are absolutely beautiful and stretch for miles.
On the beach below is a small port where many people can rent boats, land their helicopters (because we all have those), and have a nice dinner. The main shop/restaurant is a small ship that has also been built on top of the rocks.
The ship offers many levels of entertainment including a piano bar with some amazing food and drinks.
The ship on shore is made to look like an old ship with the background of a modern cruise liner above.
Everything on the hotel grounds is designed to catch your eye like this open tunnel that lines the exterior of the matching port ship on the beach.
Here is the tea room. Custom to South Korea you sit on mats on the floor.
On a normal cruise vacation you are offered many different excursions at each port. The Sun Cruise Hotel also offers these excursions and beach activities.
I would not be opposed to having dinners here! It's almost like a 5 star skyscraper.
From the distance it looks like a ship is cruising through the sky. And because the ship is perched high on a cliff the views are much better than those on a regular cruise ship.