The low-tech side of Japan (18 Pics)

Toilet tech: a most competitive market. An airport toilet noise-maker (cultural shyness), bidet,... the works.
Simple things: disability assistance is everywhere. Most elevators I used, had a wheelchair height button.
Japanese taxis all come with white gloved drivers in uniform and automatic door openers. However, they don’t come with GPS or credit card machines (and they don’t like to make change).
Vending machines on every corner, but no garbage cans anywhere (only recycling). It is considered rude to eat or drink on the street, but you can often find a seat near the vending machines.
Even spoon tech caught my eye: spoons designed not to fall in how obvious.
More restroom tech: sanitary waste, no touch to open/close.
No need for large seat cover waste, just wash it with spray cleaner.
Simple yet brilliant: pull roll up to remove, put new roll up in its place. No rolly polly removable bars that can fall out.
Baby seat in restroom! Shut the front door!! This is needed all over.
Low set hands free door opener for disabled restroom (in City Archives building).
Pay/validate or lose your undercarriage. These little lots (sometimes 1 to 2 spots) took up any free real estate available.
This rumble strip went down every sidewalk, it's for the blind to get their bearings, and it creates a cultural bike/pedestrian divide. They are also in all airports, train and bus stations and are not fun with rolling suitcases.
Hi rise parking garage: rotating platform so you never have to back out into the road after your car returns from the elevator.
More toilet tech: sink runs when you flush (fresh water, of course).
Another toilet function (in airport hotel): sit on the seat and bowl fills with water. A strange feeling indeed.
Narita airport: what every airport restroom door should look like: a rounded door to ease you in, no clumsy open in door to fight with your luggage. It felt like an elegant dance.
All Nippon Airways (ANA): Cup “hole”der in airplane tray table, the best way to prevent spills.
Haneda to Narita shuttle bus: announcements, mic, TV, music, mirrors, comms, gear shift there is nothing the driver can’t control from his console.