Look at How Much Obama and Biden Donated to Charity Last Year

Odds are you’re more generous than the vice president — but less generous than the president.
On Friday, the White House quietly released information on President Barack Obama’s 2014 tax return.
The details: Filing jointly with his wife, the president reported adjusted gross income of $477,383 while paying $93,362 in federal taxes and $22,640 in Illinois state income tax.
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Obama also reported a total of $70,712 — nearly 15 percent of his income — in charitable donations.
The largest reported gift was a $22,012 donation to the Fisher House Foundation.
Vice President Joe Biden’s 2014 tax information was also released Friday. He reported a mere $7,380 in charitable giving on $388,844 in income — a 2 percent giving rate.
How do they stack up against the typical American?
On average, Americans give roughly 5 percent of their discretionary income to charity — though religious Americans in red states tend to be far more generous than blue state agnostics, the Chronicle of Philanthropy noted in its report on charitable giving.