Shelters for local neighborhood strays

Cut a hole in the front or side of your tote.

Add a base layer of straw.

Cut out a layer of insulation to cover that base layer of straw.

Lay your insulation like so.

Cut out some walls for the inside of your shelter. Keep in mind that you'll be leaving room in between the tote and walls to stuff with straw for added insulation.

More walls! Cut a hole the same size as your entryway. I used duct tape to keep the walls upright as I worked.

Stuff them sides with straw, girl.

I taped around the entryway so straw wouldn't fall out after I stuffed the front.

Hubert came to check on my progress. He is the inspiration (and brains) behind this project. :)

More stuffing. Also added a layer inside so Hubert can be a bit more comfortable inside.

Top layer of insulation. I left some room between the top and the lid to put more straw in between. After that pop on your lid.

All done!! Made the front look a bit nicer with some more tape and a box cutter.

Success!! I also put a bit of food inside so he didn't mistake it for a litter box. He seems to have taken to it quite nicely. :)