Ring out of wood and silver

Finished ring with a fresh coat of epoxy.

I started with a 50 cent piece

Hammer the coin while standing on its edge.

Keep hammering.

Then it begins to taco/pringle/curve on me.

So I whacked it with the chasing hammer to try to get it flat again.

This is what progress looks like.

Hammer to desired size, then drill a hole.

Now file it out.

Put it in the hole.

Dremel can take it from here...


Hammering against the steel mandrel to stretch it back out to desired size.

Hammering against the mandrel gave it a much more consistent shape.

Playing with the dapping block. A few heavy blows with the hammer shrinks and curves the ring quickly. Right after this I stretched it out again on the steel mandrel to fit onto the wood block.

Blood wood blank, stenciled for carving.

Hammered onto the carved blank. Then I hammered the silver into the wood to close any gaps at the edges.

Ready to carve out the center.