Work Wear Photo Series Goes Beyond The Profession (22 Pics)

Workwears is a portrait series by French photographer Bruno Fert that takes a look at people who have a certain appearance for their jobs and another for their daily lives outside of work. Choosing to capture these individuals, who come from all walks of life, in their homes allows viewers to see a juxtaposition of each character's professional and personal self. It offers an intriguing look at how we all costume ourselves for different occasions and how we dress ourselves for the different roles we play in life.

The photographer refers to his series as a representation of "two realities: our private life and our professional appearance" and adds, "certain [ones] contradict themselves while the others complement each other…"

 Jean-Marc - Priest

Lola - Crown

Delphine - Scientific researcher

Claire - Dancer

Marc - Helicopter pilot

Gael - Underwater diver

Emanuelle - Army lieutenant

Vincent - Singer

Marion - Nurse

Vincent - Dancer

Marion - Firefighter

Alain - Fisherman

Aurelie - Chemist

Stephane - Judge

Mathieu, Welder

Danielle, Gynecologist

Christophe, Butcher

Thierry, Mechanic