Man Spends 25 Years Hand-Digging Beautiful Caves With Unbelievably Detailed Interiors

Self-taught artist Ra Paulette has spent the last 25 years turning the hillsides of northern New Mexico into unbelievably ornate caves. The 67-year-old doesn't use big, fancy machinery either. He digs out the caves and carves detailed patterns within their walls with basic hand tools.

Ra Paulette's hand-dug caves are museum-like caverns whose walls serve as the actual art on display.

The diligent artist has created about a dozen caves after dedicating nearly half his life to his art.

Each man-made cave features its own unique interior, boasting brilliant architectural design inspired by nature.

Paulette's caves, which he refers to as his wilderness shrines, include detailed columns that can reach 40 feet high.

They also tend to feature peeks of light from high above, to complement and juxtapose the feeling of being underground.

It's hard to believe, but this one man has single-handedly created all of these elaborate sandstone caves.

Paulette's work may have been a well-kept secret for quite some time, but filmmaker Jeffrey Karoff learned about him and created a documentary about the artist's incredible work.