These 19 Easy Life Hacks Are Guaranteed To Make Life Easier

Use velcro tape and you’ll never lose your remotes.
Bread and toothpicks can save a birthday cake.
A pizza box isn’t just a pizza box.
Cut up a tennis ball for an awesome lid opener.
Sponges can protect your bare feet from a painful bike pedal during the summer.
MacBook charger or bottle opener?
Use a paperclip to help fasten bracelets.
Duct tape can give you the strength to open jars.
Nutella lids help keep opened canned goods fresh.
Need a watering can? A modified jug of water will do.
Cut a SOLO cup in half to amplify your laptop speakers.
Hate cereal dust (you monster)? Use a colander.
How to cut grapes or cherry tomatoes.
Cookbook holders are basically free.
You don’t need a corkscrew.
 How to make ONE trip to carry in groceries.
Easy grilled cheese in the toaster.
 Love Doritos so much you want to make them a seasoning?
 Roasting pans are for wussies.