Family of Six Buys School Bus and Converts It Into Mobile Home (20 Pics)

This 275 square foot adventure bus was transformed by Nina Nelson and her husband into a house on wheels for them and their four children. Check out the coolest vehicle makeover ever!

The first step was buying a school bus.

Next, was completely ripping out whatever was left inside…
And then building from the ground up.
Their “bus” was going to include a working bathroom…
And even hardwood flooring.

The Nelsons had 4 kids, so they constructed bunk beds in front of the master bed.

Already looking cozy!
The Nelsons set up the bus to be lived on all of the time.
They moved in before it was completely finished. They just couldn’t wait.
Being a kid on this bus would have been a dream come true.
There was a full kitchen and bathroom.
With more counter space than I have in my own apartment.