Hezbollah Resistance Museum in Mleeta, Lebanon

The Hezbollah Resistance Museum or the Tourist Landmark of the Resistance, as it is officially known, is an open air war museum created by the Islamic militant organization Hezbollah to commemorate the battles they fought against the Israeli troops in and around the site the museum occupies today. The museum is located in the Southern Lebanese city of Mlita, 50 kilometers north of the Palestinian-Lebanese border. Mleeta was one of the most important sites of the Lebanese resistance. Between 1982 to 2000, this region was hotly contested between Hezbollah's forces and the Israeli military, eventually leading to the retreat of the latter from Lebanon. The bizarre theme park-cum-propaganda center, which was opened in 2010, covers some 60,000 square meters of undulating outdoor paths and wooded areas, and another 5,000 square meters in buildings.