Family kicked out of Universal Studios because dad wore a shirt with the word 'POLICE' on it

A South Florida family is disappointed after they said they were kicked out of a Florida theme park over a T-shirt.
Sixteen-year-old Sabryna Jarosz had no idea her parents were taking her on a birthday trip to Universal Studios Orlando. But the excitement soon turned into disappointment.
"It was a surprise for our daughter's sweet 16," said Sabryna's mother Diana.
The family was on their way to see the Blue Man Group on Saturday night when they said park security surrounded them. "This is what they kicked me out for, wearing that?" said Sabryna's father Christian as he showed off the police shirt he was wearing when he claims security escorted him out of the theme park.
Christian said security told him he couldn't wear the shirt. "He just basically said, 'You can't wear that that shirt in this park,'" he said.
"We wanted to get to the show. It was about Sabryna's birthday. So he's like, 'Follow us, we'll go to Billabong, we'll buy a shirt.' I picked out a shirt for him," said Diana.
According to the Jaroszes, while they were buying the new shirt and questioning the policy, more security showed up. "[They said], 'Don't bother; you guys are out of here.' We were like, 'What are you talking about? We are out of here? We are buying a shirt.' He's like, 'Don't even worry about it. Don't buy it; you guys are all out of here,'" said Christian.
Sabryna said she just wanted to enjoy her birthday. "I was like, 'What is going on? I just want to see Blue Man Group.' I'm just so excited my family took me here," she said.
A spokesman for Universal Studio's released a statement by e-mail which read: "The only people we allow in our parks with shirts that might identify them as police officers are working law enforcement personnel. This is for everyone's safety and to avoid confusion."

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