Tuesday, August 6, 2013

US reporter claims he has huge cache of Edward Snowden files

Brazil-based Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald said that he had received more than 15,000 secret US government documents from intelligence leaker Edward Snowden.

Greenwald, an American who was among the first to release details of Washington's vast electronic surveillance program, gave no details of the content of the files as he testified before the Brazilian Senate's foreign relations committee.

"I did not do an exact count, but he gave me 15,000, 20,000 documents. Very, very complete and very long," Greenwald said, responding to questions from lawmakers.

"The stories we have published are a small portion. There will certainly be more revelations on the espionage activities of the US government and allied governments (...) on how they have penetrated the communications systems of Brazil and Latin America," he said.

Last month, US Vice President Joe Biden called Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff to provide an explanation following press reports of US electronic surveillance in Brazil based on leaks from Snowden, a former US National Security Agency contractor.

Snowden is now a fugitive from US justice and is currently living at an unknown location in Russia after Moscow granted him temporary asylum for a year.


  1. Looks like Glenn Greenwald is another hero folllowing in the footsteps of Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden.
    Beacons of light in a dark age.
    In a world of 1984 aka 2013,
    Spying, surveillance,terror, torture, plunder and murder and thats on 'my side'.
    So where is the outrage as we enter such a sytem that makes the old Soviet Union and East Germany look benign?
    Have ever a people walked so willingly as we in the so-called West as we march like collective lemmings to serfdom, collective enslavement and a society where privacy and freedom are just memories?
    As we betray our children and the future of our species.

  2. This is a silly question but what will happen to Snowden now if: Putin said at one time he could stay if he did not unleash more emails. If Greenwald does, ?

  3. Release them now before he ends up the victim of an " accident ".

  4. Looks like Greenwald wants to be follow in the footsteps of Andrew Breitbart and Michael Hastings. When will people learn that you do not keep announcing, in advance, that you have lots of documents to release in a few weeks?