Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Onward (15 pics)


  1. So, it takes him 14 panels to build a basic bridge, but he magically shits out a jet pack?

  2. That's no jet pack
    He had an Indian curry the night before

  3. I Dare you to read this, I know you won't
    I'm not sure why you two choose to say something negative about this cartoon strip. I suspect that you are young, live at your parents house and have never had a true hardship in your life. And I don't mean your parent taking away your cell phone or internet. Or not making the cut for some high school sport. I am talking about losing your career and not being able to support your family. Losing your home and have no place to go except a shelter, or squeeze your 5 member family into your in-laws tiny house. You are saying to yourself that this would never happen to you, I'm full of shit. I'm a loser I just fucked things up but you say "I won't fucking do that". Fuck that, fuck you man. Absolutely no one expects or plans for it to happen. Everybody believes that their life will be solid and nothing bad will disrupt their lives. The way you think it won't. Yea, I'm a fucking idiot loser. I lost everything in a fucking divorce that came at me from no where (so I thought), I lost every single thing including my career because of false accusations....oh yea, it happens. And if your male, your already guilty. My friend lost her leg and most or retirement was lost with the economy. My brother in-law was killed in Afghanistan and there was not enough of him to send back for a funeral. I hope you read this whole rant and realize that a little cartoon like this can mean a lot to some people who need it.