Monday, July 8, 2013

10 Things Unhappy People Have in Common

We all want to be happy in some way or another. We strive each day to find the path of happiness whatever we think it is. But some of us come up way short. Some of us make mistakes day in and day out that take us away from the shining beacon of happiness at the end of the tunnel.
Are you striving to find peace? Are you striving to locate that inner glow that you know must exist? Are you coming up short or finding happiness that’s always fleeting? Life is a journey and on it we find what works and what doesn’t work. However, the most unhappy people tend to have a few things in common. If you’re looking to find peace, balance, and joy in your life, here’s what NOT to do. These people have it all wrong:

1. They Hate Their Jobs
You spend eight hours, sometimes much more at work. If you hate your job you can’t help but hate your life because you’re spending 40 out of the 168 hours in a week doing something you can’t stand. What’s worse, we often take our anger from work home with us, bringing that disgruntled attitude into our homes. I’m not saying go out and quit your job tomorrow. Instead, take an aerial view of your life. Why don’t you love your job? What’s missing? Is it the career itself? Is it your boss or your company? What’s your passion? What are you good at? Take time to answer these questions and then make a plan to move towards change, however long it takes.

2. They’re Constantly Worried About Money
Studies have proven that being rich won’t make us any happier. A Princeton University study showed that people needed an annual income of $75,000 per year per household and no more to be happy. Above that amount, more cash has no effect on “emotional well-being.” What this really means is that you need to be able to comfortably pay bills and save without worrying about finances. On the other hand, financial uncertainty does make us unhappy so this is another chance for evaluation. Are you overspending? What can you downsize? How can you minimize your life so that you can afford it? This is in no way an easy question, but it’s part of the journey.

3. They Don’t Have Any Active Hobbies
Happiness is linked to activity level. You have to move to feel good. What about yoga, hiking, swimming, surfing, biking, or running? Happiness is also linked to doing what you love so find active hobbies that make you happy and get to it.

4. They Have Wandering Minds.
According to Science News, “[a] wandering mind often stumbles downhill emotionally. People spend nearly half their waking lives thinking about stuff other than what they’re actually doing, and these imaginary rambles frequently feel bad, according to a new study.” The more you can focus on what you’re doing when you’re doing it, the happier you are. Meditation allows you to learn to focus on the present moment so you can actually live the life you’ve been given.

5. They Commute a Long Distance
A long commute can take a toll on your life and after a while it can really bring you down. How much of your life are you losing in commute? It’s hard on a relationship as well. A recent Swedish study found that divorce rates were higher the longer the commute.

6. They Think “Stuff” Will Make Them Happy
Unhappy people are constantly trying to fill the void by consuming, whether it be alcohol, food, or shopping. But the problem is happiness can’t be consumed, it’s cultivated from within. Meeting desires only brings fleeting happiness.

7. They’re Lonely
Cultivating relationships is important for both your health and your happiness. And that doesn’t just mean how good you are at social networking. Unfortunately nowadays more than a few of us view our laptop as our very best friend. Single or not, married or not, it’s important to always strive both to make friends and to keep them while also keeping close ties to family.

8. They Don’t Like Their Town
So often we feel stuck in our lives. We live in a town that we no longer love and aren’t sure how to feel better about the situation. This is another opportunity to take a step back and ask why you feel the way you do. Is it the town or is it you? Get the newspaper and look into new events, volunteer some place new, or, well, move. Who says you have to live in the same place your whole life?

9. They Don’t Have Pets
Pets serve as support and provide unconditional love that we grow to depend on but at the same time, they don’t disrupt other human relationships, according to a new study. If you’re considering pet ownership, adopt a pet in need and follow this guide to responsible pet ownership.

10. They Don’t Like Themselves
We make ourselves happy by the way we view life and by learning to enjoy the moment. We make ourselves happy by the way we view ourselves. By opening our hearts we find peace but that peace has to first start off with you. If you dislike yourself, you can never be happy so give yourself a break. Learn to love yourself, you deserve it!


  1. No11 They visit depressing web sites

  2. These can all be summed up with .....
    None have them have God in their lives !

    1. If they had God in their lives, then, lonliness, worry, not loving themselves, needing materialism to make them momentarily happy,rambling about past hurts, worrying about money--------these will be instantly eliminated.
      Knowing that we have a Loving, caring Father who will supply all of our needs, will surely give us the peace, balance and joy that this world will not deliver.

  3. I wish this article had some scientific sources for these claims. -- Catherine Alexander

  4. There should be more friend making sites, like dating sites. Also pets can be expensive, especially if apartments charge for them. Also, especially in this economy, moving to another town , or at all, is not an option. It's like that line from Metallica's "Sanitarium", "They see it right. They see it well, but they think it sacs us from our hell". If you are suffering from these dark feelings, you don't need science to say the article is right, except for leaving out faith and its practices, which are scientifically found to make one better adjusted in hard times, depending on how close to God and how sincere is their prayer (though praying, itself, might just get you to a better place) Some of us are melancholic and some of that can be alleviated by faith and Holy Confession, because priests are not allowed to tell. It helps to be Catholic, because you get Christ's absolution, as he gave the Apostles to the authority to do. Some still can be allowed to have a dry spell to test our faith, which may be the line between life and liberty (as suicide and murder, by going postal, are no options) for some. I need to work on some things with God, myself. I have anxieties from long before I came to my faith, but The Catholic Church is a hospital and its medicine (the sacraments) can be given by those authorized to do so, despite their spiritual state, but one has to acknowledge the nature what they receive and do their
    part of the healing, including taking the medicine, ifpredisposed (sacramentals are beneficial for all to some degree, but really need faith in God, unless He converts one, as the objects are not magic charms)--and one can get there through RCIA. I am no theologian, so buy a Catechism of the Catholic Church for the technical details. [The Church's doctrines never change, as it is a rock, but not opposed to Peter being the rock, because he has the ultimate authority on Earth, but cannot change doctrine or Scripture, and it is a light (not to be mistaken for an administrative building, like The Vatican, where fallible things can happen handling mundane, administrative matters, which can be destroyed and you'd still have a holy, valid Church) for all ages, as truth never changes].

  5. if we want to be happy we need to be gratefull to god for what we do have and ask him for the things we need because he is the one who supplies all our needs but we need to ask him and trust him and thank him even before we receive from him .

  6. Happiness is a conscious decision one makes each and every day. Circumstances may interfere causing one to spiral into depression. Life is not always a bed of roses. We have to survive among the thorns; this being difficult at times.
    I am a person of deep gratitude for my daily blessings, and I try my best to bask in happiness, but after having lost a son to suicide, that happiness has been shattered and each day is a huge struggle for me.
    I do what I am able to do through prayer and meditation, trying to keep on track. Many days I slip and I fall hard, and like the poem, " Footprints," I know God is with me and carrying me through my suffering.
    In my circumstances, happiness is very elusive, but I reach out daily to grasp what I can of it.

  7. Life is difficult.For all. We are all asked to carry a Cross.
    Knowing that we are never alone and that He will help to carry us in times when we are not strong enough,will see us through.
    We cannot understand suffering, a mystery, but we are assured that we are being taken care of.
    I am sad to read about your suffering but, although happiness is shattered,peace is assured in the midst of suffering.
    God bless