31 Rolls Of Undeveloped Film From WWII Were Just Discovered And Seen For The First Time

The Rescued Film Project is an ongoing passion project, started and pursued by photographer Levi Bettweiser, that seeks to obtain and process undeveloped rolls of film from the past. Having found a roll here and there, Bettweiser's largest haul to date came last year, when over two dozen rolls were discovered at an auction in Ohio. All at once, he had acquired 31 rolls of undeveloped film, all shot by a single American WWII soldier over 70 years ago.

In a short film, Bettweiser explains: "The goal of the Rescued Film Project is to reconnect the images with either the photographer who shot them or their family or in this instance, if it's an image of extremely historical significance, find the best avenue or venue possible to showcase and document those images."
Bettweiser goes through the time-consuming motions of developing and processing each roll of film, jotting down the handwritten notes on the side of the canisters/boxes along the way.