Rock stars and their parents

 Elton John, seen here with mother Shelia and stepfather Fred Fairebrother in their London apartment, used to get up to party with his parents when he was just four
The LIFE Magazine profile took so long, the photographer was able to return to Grace and Virginia to take a photo after Grace's child was born
Eric Clapton poses with with his grandmother Rose Clapp in the house he bought her in Surrey.
 Frank Zappa's parents Francis and Rosemarie show that they have style of their own in their eclectic Los Angeles living room
This shot of Marlon, Tito, Jermaine, and Jackie Jackson, as well as father Joe, and mother Katherine, appeared on the September 24, 1971 cover of LIFE Magazine
 David Crosby, of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, sitting with his father Floyd in father's house in California. David said he and has father had recently come to an understanding despite their differences
 Folk singer Richie Havens leaning on xylophone with parents Richard and Mildred in their apartment in Brooklyn, New York. Richard said his son was the only one of his children to leave home
 Folk rock musician Donovan sits with his parents Donald and Winifred Leitch in their home in Englad
 British musician Joe Cocker looks at his mom Marjorie in Sheffield, England in 1970
Grace Slick, lead singer of Jefferson Airplane, is a different woman from her mother Virginia Wing