Amazing treehouse built by skateboarder

Foster Huntington is a name that you may have heard once or twice before. Especially if you are into Volkswagens. In 2011, he quit his job in New York, bought a VW Synchro and hit the road. He coined #vanlife and wrote the book on living in your vehicle—it’s called ‘Home Is Where You Park It‘. After three years on the road, he decided that he wanted a more permanent place to hang his hat. “I have always loved treehouses, so I thought it was time to build a big-boy one,” he says. “I wanted to make a place where my friends would want to come hang.” He didn’t build just any treehouse, he built one of the most amazing treehouses EVER! Check this thing out.
Both structures—the workshop and an octagonal cabin with bunk beds—celebrate the style of minimalist living that Huntington honed in on with his truck bed. Each, roughly 200-square-foot, building is simply designed, strung up between two huge Douglas firs, and connected by a 25-foot span bridge.