UTA Flight 772 Memorial in the Middle of the Sahara (36 Pics)

On Tuesday, September 19th, 1989, UTA flight 772 was operating from Brazzaville in the Republic of Congo in route to Paris CDG airport in France. A little after take off the airplane exploded into a ball of fire over Niger in the Sahara Desert. There were 170 people on board that flight which was brought down by a suitcase bomb planted by Libyan terrorists.  Unfortunately, all 170 passengers were killed by the terrorist bomb. After 18 years had passed, the families of the victims of flight 772 decided to do something to honor their fallen friends and family members. What they did is beautiful and brought tears to my eyes.

In 1989, UTA flight 772 was brought down by a Libyan terrorist.

A suitcase bomb planted by Libyan terrorists killed the 170 passengers aboard.

The flight path and where the plane was taken down.

Wreckage was scattered for miles around.

After 18 years, families of the victims gathered at the wreckage site to build a memorial for their loved ones.

The area that the plane went down is so remote that there were still parts of the wreckage scattered about.

The wreckage had been sitting in the desert untouched for 18 years after the initial investigation.

The memorial was organized by Les Familles de l’Attentat du DC-10 d’UTA., which is an association of family members and locals to assist.