Some Very Useful Uncommon Apps That Will Definitely Make Your Life Easier (10 pics)

If you need a little help with your calculus homework or you can’t add up how much you accidentally spent on shots at the bar last night, then PhotoMath has you covered. Scan in a math problem and your phone will tell you the answer and break down the steps so that you can actually learn while you’re cheating.
Timer If productivity is something that you struggle with, then Pomodoro Timer will keep you on track. Turn on the timer and it will notify you when to take breaks so that you don’t get burnt out. This works wonders for projects at home or even just for getting stuff done at work.
Need suggestions for what to get your mom for Christmas? Need advice on how to decorate your apartment so that it doesn’t look like you’re still in college? Well, Operator will connect you to a real person who can act as a concierge, providing you with real-time suggestions for any question that you propose.
10 10!
If Candy Crush has lost it’s luster and you’re tired of flinging birds at blocks, then consider trying 10!10!. It’s essentially a weird take on Tetris that will keep you occupied for hours as you continually try to beat your high score.
Just Watch
If you’re looking to catch up on a TV show or movie and you’re not so sure where the best place to watch it would be, then consult JustWatch for a complete list of where you can watch, complete with prices and links.
If you’re out at the bar and want some friends to meet you there, send them a Glympse to share your location for a limited amount of time. Your friends can click on your location and meet up with ease. Then, after your predetermined amount of time, your location vanishes and you can go back to living your private life.
Remember the good ol’ days of capture the flag? Well, now there are flags to be captured all over the world with Ingress. Pick your team and join the battle against thousands of people to claim portals in your city as your own.
Two Beers
If you’re traveling internationally, sometimes the only common ground between two strangers is that they could both use a beer. With Two Beers, never miss out on the opportunity to share a cold one with a new friend as this app will translate the saying, “two beers, please,” into a bunch of different languages.
Want to watch a movie with your friends but you’re in different cities? With Rabbit, you can simultaneously stream movies and videos while chatting with your friends. The cool part is that there is no limit to how many people can join the chat. You might as well go ahead and have your high school reunion over Rabbit while watching re-runs of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
Have you ever been to the airport but you can’t hear the TV? Maybe you’ve been to a bar, but they’re playing the sound from a different game than you’re watching. With Tunity, you can scan the TV and it will play a live audio stream of the channel, solving this issue once and for all.