What the Inside of a Siberian Coal Mine Really Looks Like (33 pics)

The workers at the Kupol mine in Chukotka, Russia actually have a really nice onsite despite the harsh surroundings.
It is accessible for workers only by air, with a two-hour flight from Magadan. Between November and April low temperatures allow for the construction of a 350 km ice road across tundra leading to the port of Pevek. This is the main supply route for industrial equipment and other goods.

Nowadays this mine is the most modern in the world despite being located in a very isolated spot with most severe weather conditions. It looks like a set from a science fiction film. In every field advanced technologies are integrated: remotely operated drills work the deepest recesses of the mine to minimise the risk to workers. Living quarters resemble a space station with its long corridor and sleeping wings on both sides.