An Italian Man Built A Handmade Amusement Park

Bruno is not only an Italian restaurant owner. He is a creator of fun. On June 15th, 1969 he grabbed a couple of bottles of wine, some sausage and set up a grill on the street underneath some trees, and that was the start of his restaurant business. He learned to weld around the same time and found that he had a growing passion for it. So he decided to open an amusement park to help promote Ai Pioppi, the restaurant he runs with his family. He has now spent 40 years building this entire amusement park BY HAND. Bruno has been building swings, slides, seesaws, gyros and roller-coasters. The handmade amusement park is located near the Northern Italian city of Treviso. The park has a very distinct other-worldly feel that has drawn plenty of visitors, becoming quite a tourist attraction.