These Tourists Stopped These Sea Turtles From Nesting (11 Pics)

As humans, we can affect the environment around us in so many ways. Throughout history, humans have shown a complete disregard for nature and the delicate balance that exists between us and the rest of the world. From nuclear reactor meltdowns to commercial oil spills, humans generally suck at keeping Earth healthy and thriving. This story is just the latest example of humans interfering in the ecosystems around us, and causing harm to nature that would never happen if we weren't constantly interfering with our environment. An extremely disturbing set of events happened recently at the Ostional Wildlife Refuge in Northwestern Guanacaste, located in Costa Rica. The refuge is one of the world's biggest nesting spots for Oliver Ridley Sea Turtles, which is a vulnerable/threatened species. It is also the only place in the world where it is legal to harvest the eggs of these sea turtles.  The turtles will come on shore about once or twice a nesting season, for three to five days to lay and bury their eggs. Unfortunately this time, a mob of locals and tourists stopped these sea turtles from nesting. Check out the pictures of these humans who have a complete disregard for the beauty of the nature they are interfering with.

Tourists and locals showed up by the hundreds to the beach of the Ostional Wildlife Refuge, a protected area of Costa Rica, and prevented 100's of Oliver Ridley Sea Turtles from nesting.
Oliver Ridley Sea Turtles are the most common sea turtle in the world, but they are also listed as a vulnerable/threatened species. There are approximately 800,000 nesting females throughout the world.
The refuge has said that the park rangers were simply overwhelmed by the number of tourists who flocked to the beach and could not contain them all.
Hundreds of people gathered along the beach to witness the turtles coming ashore.
The tourists, and even the locals, seem to not have any regard for the fact that they were interfering with these sea turtles essential nesting habits. There is absolutely no excuse for this.
Tourists were seen blocking the turtles way from making it to the beach, and even placing children atop the turtle's shells just to get a picture.
People were even seen standing on top of the freshly dug nests these turtles had made for their eggs. What is wrong with people!?!

When will humans wake up and realize that this is not okay? These turtles must have had no idea why all of sudden their yearly nesting place is suddenly being overrun with clueless idiots who want pictures.
The locals in this area of Costa Rica are allowed to harvest eggs. It is the only place in the world where this activity is legal. Authorities monitor the harvest of the first wave of eggs, as the government has said that many of the first wave of eggs are destroyed by turtles later in the nesting process or by high tides.
This program which was developed by the Costa Rican government and scientists in the 1980's involves co-operatives with the locals harvesting eggs and this has helped increase the turtle population.

The income from the sale of the eggs are used to fund the guards who patrol the beach and research. Apparently they need to pump more of it into guards for the beach if this is what is happening.