The Dead Children's Playground (6 Pics)

Maple Hill Cemetery has a dirty little secret
Maple Hill Cemetery, located in Huntsville Alabama has a secret playground for those who know where to find it.  Officially named 'Drost Park,' it's better known by its local label, The Dead Children's Playground.

The Playground
The park has an extremely eerie feel to it.  It's covered by tall beech trees that keep the playground in an eternal gloomy shade despite how bright the sun may be shining.  It's also surrounded by sheer cliffs on three sides.

In 2007, the old playground equipment was razed overnight as the cemetery started to expand.  The community threw such a fit over it that it was quickly declared a protected park and new equipment was installed.

The Field
To the right of the playground is a large open area.  Local legend has it that a serial child murderer terrorized the town in the 40s and dumped the bodies of his victims in this area.  There are also several graves of children buried right across the road at the edge of the cemetery.

There are trails leading to old mine shafts through the trees.  Some say that the killer lived in one of them.

Paranormal activity
People swear that the place is a hotbed of ghostly activity after dark.  For decades there have been reports of floating orbs, the sound of little feet running, the faint laughter of children, and seeing the swings moving wildly on their own.  Disturbing the old stuff has had seemingly no impact on the dead children's playtime.

This picture shows the old equipment, and what some people claim to be an unearthly orb.  For what it's worth, they look like eyes to me.  However, I know that directly behind where the 'eyes' are is a 30' vertical slab of solid rock, so...iunno.
Haunted or not, it's an awesome place.  Some folks avoid coming here like the plague, and others are drawn to its unearthly charm.