31 Ridiculous, But Somewhat Genius Life Hacks To Everyday Problems

1. Need to reheat pizza but you don't have a microwave? No worries! use an iron to heat up the crust without making it soggy while you reheat the top with a blow dryer! 
2. Hole in your sock? Instead of throwing it out, just use a Sharpie to color your skin (or toe nail) the same color as the sock and no one will know! 
3. If your Iron is being used to heat pizza in the bathroom, you can iron you shirts with hot pans off the stove!
4. The original riding lawn mower! 
5. Pots being used to iron your roommate's shirt and you want spaghetti? No worries! Boil those noodles in your coffee pot! 
6. The spaghetti idea was so good, you can run with it and hard boil some eggs too! (Hard boiled eggs in spaghetti is actually a thing, although I have never tried it myself). 
7. Don't have a dust pan? Use a pizza box instead! (I have also used a paper plate torn in half). It gets the job done!
8. If you have the replacement razor but not the handle, use needle nose pliers! I would recommend wrapping a rubber band around the handle so you don't have to squeeze it the whole time or worry about dropping the blades. 
9. Most people would have left this couch on the side of the road, but not college students with no couch and a vision of what it could be! 
10. I've always thought that bumpers and 2x4's were interchangeable. 
11. There you go officer. Problem fixed! Tupperware, pill vials and zip ties. Who would have thought...
12. What college student has a set of skewers on hand? How often do you really make kabobs? However, when a kabob craving hits these geniuses used wire hangers!  
13. I think this plate might be on its last leg. I'm not sure scotch tape was the tape of choice here...
14. Eating Cup O Noodle and you don't have chop sticks? Not a problem for this big thinker! Two pens will do the trick! (the red pen is out of ink anyways). 
15. This solves multiple problems! Watching a movie on our phone but your sick of holding it and the sound sucks? This little gadget holds the phone for your hands free viewing pleasure and it has built-in surround sound speakers!
16.  As long as the hands still turn, there's no need to buy a new one when you have paper and a sharpie!
17. This just makes me laugh! Who doesn't want seats out of an airline on their front porch? They recline at least 4 inches, come with seatbelt for safety and have trays on the back that drop down for additional storage!
18. Who doesn't think BBQ possibilities when they see a rogue shopping cart?
19. Maybe they built this sweet grill for their van in shop class!
20. Hot dog roast for you and 14 of your closest buddies?  Grab a rake! 
21. The original anti-theft device! Hopefully they take the face plate of the stereo inside with them when they leave the car too. 
22.  Blow Dryers are not just for warming pizza in the bathroom! They are good for reheating any type of leftover. Even whatever this is!
23. If it doesn't serve two purposes there is no point having it in your home! And I can't think of a 2nd use for those shower rings, but hangers... they can do triple duty with holding up the shower curtain, hanging clothes AND baking kabobs! 
24.  I'm assuming there is a mirror on the other side of the brush. I wonder if this is the same car with the pill vial Tupperware head lights. 
25. After boiling your pasta in the coffee pot, strain it with a tennis racket. It's probably a good thing you use your posts as an iron, they won't fit in your sink to wash!
26. I'm pretty sure that stools cost more than garbage cans, but this works in a pinch! 
27. Free water without hurting your thumb pressing the button while waiting for it to fill! I hope this guy is going to school on a scholarship for being brilliant!
28. Recycling is the answer to everything! Even broken shower heads!
29. If you are going to be snowed in, you might as well put that snow to use! 
30. Every student has a ruler that they don't use, attach a can lid and you have a pizza cutter that will have tons of use! And you can measure each piece to ensure equal sized slices!