New Orleans Six Flags theme park is bare, crawling with alligators a decade after Hurricane Katrina (14 Pics)

Photographer Seph Lawless documented the former Six Flags in a series of new snaps.

The former Six Flags New Orleans theme park in Louisiana has been abandoned since Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005

Photographer Seph Lawless has shone a light on the forgotten theme park that was only pumped out a month after the deadly storm

Ten years after the natural disaster, the park and its rides are decaying, as plans for redevelopment struggle to get off the ground

Flood waters from the storm brought in alligators, who remain in the area today, with some of them up to 12 feet long

Many parts of the park are covered in graffiti, including this wall, where Spongebob Squarepants has been given snake fangs

Flood waters engulfed many rides in August 2005. 

The attractions remain unused  and the site is now popular for movie shoots

The park has been used as a film set location for movies such as Jurassic World and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Film crews have to hire animal wranglers to keep actors safe from snakes and boars. Above, a wrecked line stand

Six Flags New Orleans is surrounded by floodwaters in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. On August 29, 2005, the Category 3 storm wreaked havoc in the city when the levees bordering the swelling Gulf Coast broke and killed 1,800 people

Tracks that used to hold roller coasters speeding along are now cluttered with trash and vegetation as the park slowly decays

One redevelopment proposal had offered to build an outlet mall on the land, though that plan was eventually scuttled

A former gift shop at the park is covered in graffiti. Photographer Lawless specializes in taking pictures of abandoned places

The photographer says he wants people to see more in his work than just the interesting abandoned places