Scientists Have Created Greenhouses That Grow Gardens Underwater (5 pics)

For the past 4 years a team of scientists off the coast of Italy have been working on a project called Nemo’s Garden. They're using special greenhouses underwater that allow them to grow fruits and vegetables 20 feet below the surface. The project still has a long way to go but it could be a giant leap forward when it comes to creating more food for the people of planet Earth. Read more at

At 20 feet, the gardens are shallow enough for sunlight to reach the plants and deep enough for the temperature to remain a steady 79 degrees day or night.

It seems like a pretty farfetched idea but this system provides an infinite source of water and protection from insects. Water from the ocean evaporates inside the biospheres and is used to water the plants.

The project is a long way from being able to solve the world’s hunger/water issues but who knows, maybe someday these biospheres will be commonplace.