Mysterious Forest Swastika Remained Unnoticed Until 1992

It’s in the human nature to seek logic in everything, but when a giant group of larches bloomed in a pine forest forming a swastika sign, it’s a goddamn hard to find any logical sense.

Outside of the northeast German town, Zernikov, a patch of larch trees cover  3,600 m2 (4,300 sq yd) of the pine forest, carefully arranged to look like a swastika sign.
The undiscovered swastika formation was uncovered  in 1992 by Günter Reschke, an intern for a landscaping company.

Reschke discovered the swastika pattern from a plane while he was taking aerial photos of the forest for a routine job assignment.
Local forester Klaus Göricke measured the trees themselves and determined that they were in fact planted in the late 1930s, as Hitler was coming to power.

Which means every autumn the swastika sign bloomed in the forest and disappeared in spring and summer, for years, without being discovered.