How Lemon Juice Power Can Eliminate Asthma Naturally

It is well known that lemon juice is fully loaded with vitamin C, an antioxidant that protects the cell from damage as well as boosts the immune system this is a very good reason way lemon juice can be use and how can help manage the symptoms of asthma or even put an end to it.

Evidence supports the benefits of lemon juice appears to be promising for those who suffers from asthma. It is believed to that the high concentration of anti-oxidants and vitamin C is the main reason for the treatment and prevention of asthma.

Lemon juice is purported to be very beneficial for some people suffering from asthma. Because it is readily available, it can be very exciting to start buying and consuming loads of it to get your airway in tip-top condition. However, it’s imperative to take note that this supposed all-natural treatment for asthma may not be able to cure all individuals with the condition.

According to one research, the vitamin C strength the immune system that helps you to become more resistant to some factors that trigger an asthma attack. Also, it keeps the lungs more capable of breathing easier and feeling stronger. The lemon juice helps with asthma because it fights with anything that enters the lungs that your body considers an allergen that may provoke an asthma attack. Some other properties of the lemon juice are that it may also fight asthma. The lemons are a powerful antiseptic that may kill that bacteria in the body that makes you ill and can cause a buildup of mucus.

How to Use Lemon Juice for Asthma

To use the juice for health benefits, a good lemon juice recipe is necessary. While it is enough to simply drink lemon juice on its own or diluted with water, pairing it with other foods that are beneficial for asthma make it a nearly perfect remedy.

A health juice guide typically recommends mixing lemon juice, water and a dash of ginger in a drink to help combat asthma. This is because ginger has several anti-inflammatory properties which may help with the restricted airways associated with an asthma attack. Alternatively, you may also drink the juice as lemonade, provided that only fresh lemons are used.

While lemon juice may prove beneficial for many people with asthma, it is possible that it may not be as effective for certain asthmatics, primarily anyone who suffers from gene-related asthma. It must further be noted that anyone considering using lemon juice for asthma should first consult a physician. Lemon juice should also not replace any traditional methods of treatment for asthma.

Anti-asthma drink Recipe


ginger (optional)


Slice your lemons and add them into a large pitcher filled with water. Add some ginger to relieve any inflammatory issues.