Family Builds The Coolest Wall Ever While Renovating A Room In Their Home (30 pics)

It's not uncommon for people to want to renovate rooms in their home. But most people wouldn't even think about doing what this family did.

The sad state of their old wall built 10 years ago
The angles were too similar and not much of a challenge anymore, plus storage was getting to be a problem
Shoes were scattered on the floor and the shelf was too high to access

So a renovation was in order, and the first step was to strip the wall

Step two was to remove the old plywood, and of course, save it for the upgrade

Demolition mess - it doesn't even look like a climbing area at this point

Even their son was getting in on the action by pulling nails from the 2x6's

The design and plan

They laid out all of the framing just like they do for rafters

Next step: building the framing members

Starting to take shape, but this first attempt at framing was too tight at the top

Their son nailing the 2x6's

Success! They reused the original framing and also used wood leftover from a friend's ice rink project

The framing, completed - including 10, 20, 30, and 40-degree walls. Plus, a vertical wall in the back

Onto the plywood. They were able to reuse all of the old plywood and only had to buy another 10 sheets
Almost done with the plywood

Looking good

Now to paint the walls

And reinstall the padding, which was a mixture of seat material from old cars
New carpets and holds just waiting to be washed

Putting the power-washer to good use

Now to let them dry out

The new wall in all its glory

Don't you wish this was in your home?
The hangboard area

And new cubbies for shoe storage

More storage options too

Such an improvement, don't you think?

Testing out the new wall!