Photos Of Taking The 1940’s Census in The USA (18 Pics)

The 1941 one USA census.The census was  conducted by the Census Bureau of The United States and the resident population of the states was determined to be 132,164,569. There was an increase in the population by 7.3 percent over the 1930 population.
In the archive of the The U.S. National Archives there  is a showcase of the complete process in pictures. It’s pretty awesome to see the complete process of enumerating the population  and how it was 75 years ago.

Alphabetic Accounting Machine Equipped with Gang Summary Punch, IBM, 1940 – 1941

The  Alphabetic Accounting Machine Equipped with Gang Summary Punch, IBM.Census Used 12 Machines of this Type.

Card Punch Operators Working on Agricultural Cards, 1940 – 1941

The census date of the record was 1 April 1940. There were new question asked to the people, including where they have been the last five years, what is the highest level of educational grade they have achieved, a questions about their interests, the amount of their wages.

Enumeration, a Farmer Supplies Answers to the 232 Questions on the Farm Schedule, 1940 – 1941

The new questions that were asked to the people were to measure the effects of the  Great Depression.

Enumeration, Alaska Too Saw the Census Enumerator Arrive in His Dog Sled, 1940 – 1941

The first census was taken in 1790 which was the most simple concept of enumerating the population, without much question being asked. The 1790 census determined a population of 3,929,214.

Enumeration, Approximately 120,000 Enumerators were Employed, 1940 – 1941

The census is taken once every ten years as is requested by The Federal Government.Enumerators were asking questions and getting  information from “a responsible, adult member of the household” or informally  said from the” head of the house.”

Enumeration, on the railroad 1940 – 1941

No Kind of Habitation was Missed, Included among the Places are Railroad Section Hands. The entire census was taken by enumerators going house to house and collecting information. If the  person wasn’t home when the census taker came, the census taker returned to the house after a while.

Enumeration of tailer camps 1940 – 1941

One Day of the census was devoted to the enumeration of trailer camps and other places inhabited by transients.
Geographers Division, a Planimeter, 1940 – 1941
Geographers Division, Draftsmen, 1940 – 1941

Head of a Census Unit Tabulator, 1940 – 1941

The census enumarators used codes for the  race, military service, citizenship, and class of worker in the information data. The common codes included W for White Race, N for Negro ( the census was in the era of Segragted U.S.A, now that word is rigidly forbidden), IN- Indian, FIl-Filipino and so on.
New Census Building,the Home Office of the Census Bureau, 1940 – 1941

Occupational Coder, 1940 – 1941

In the 1940′ census there were no  Social Security Numbers recorded, even though there was a question regarded to the SSN. The question was quoted : “Does this person have a Federal Social Security number? Answer “yes” or “no” for every person 14 years of age or older.”

Occupational Coding, Peak Employment on this Operation was 806, 1940 – 1941

The census of 1940 was released to the public in April 2012, due to the mandatory 72-year waiting period.

Population and Housing Editors, Negro Section, 1940 – 1941

Now at the National Archives   website you can search online for the enumerated population, browse images and information.
Population Files Stored 154,071 Portfolios, Linear Feet of Filing Space is in Excess of Four Miles, 1940 – 1941
Result Work, Population Division, 1940 – 1941

Review Section in Machine Tabulation Division, 1940 – 1941

The last census was taken in 2010 with determined population of 308.7 million people which means double the population in 1940. The next census in the United States will be in 2020.

Unit Wiring Boards for Tabulating Machines, 1940 – 1941