You Can Never Trust What It Says on the Box (5 pics)

A couple bought a new LG TV in Moscow. But when they came home and opened up the box they were really surprised. Instead of a new brand TV, inside was a bunch of planks nailed together. Without losing time, they went back to the shop to complain and to pick up what they had originally purchased. They received a new box with a TV but this time they decided to check it while still in the shop.
Imagine their surprise when for the second time in a row there were planks in the box. But hey, as they said, third time's a charm. So when they got another box, they finally found a TV there.

Apparently, some dishonest shop workers steal TVs and put planks into the boxes. As there are lots of boxes in the shop, the stolen items go unnoticed and only discovered by the clients when they get home with their "TVs". So, be careful folks and always check what you buy.