Monday, May 11, 2015

The Best Way To Deal With Junk Mail (5 pics)

Like most people you probably hate getting junk mail. If you're sick of getting junk mail, this is how you should deal with it.


  1. You can be prosecuted for harrasment and go to jail for behavior like that.

  2. That's super-douchey and an extreme over-reaction to a minor inconvenience.

  3. Baloney, name one case.

  4. Some of the people who send stuff out like this are real hucksters in
    their own right. My late father-in-law had dementia, and a**hat scam
    artists and super-douchey political operatives (I won't say which party) were bombing him with
    three to four of these per day. We found garbage bags full of this crap
    in his house. I went through the stack, and exchanged the contents, sending them each others steaming crap. I reserved the brick trick for the prepaid FedEx envelope. I figure that my doing this cost the political hacks enough money to take one radio ad off the air. That was the best contribution I gave to our nation for that year. And DG, I agree with lipnstac - name ONE case where idiots got prosecuted for that. Credit card scammers like the ones in the story deserve it even MORE.

  5. I can't name the case but we were warned about such things on a sales job I had several years ago. The employer said the guy was prosecuted for using the mail to harass a particular business.