Obama Says The Rich Aren’t ‘Evil,’ Just Have Too Much Money

Once again the Leftist-in-Chief has to demonize the wealthy because he wants to pretend he cares about the poor.
Of course, under the Obama Administration poverty has reached are 50 year record high but that little fact doesn’t matter when you lie for a living.
Obama made several ridiculous remarks during this interview but one of them was against the wealthy.
Obama actually feigned concern about the poor rural and inner city kids who, to him, don’t have access to the books, computers etc. that the wealthy have access to.
Apparently Obama forgets he voted AGAINST school vouchers for poor inner city children to attend private schools in Washington D.C.

Essentially Obama is also saying that our public schools are pathetic. It certainly isn’t due to lack of funding.

In remarks that drew critical broadsides from conservative radio champion Mark Levin and others on the right, Obama, in addition to attacking Fox News, said rich people aren’t “evil” per se they just have too much money.
“I’m not saying this because I dislike hedge fund managers or think they are evil,” Obama said “You pretty much have more than you’ll ever use and your family will ever use.”
Showing that he doesn’t understand most rich people work hard for their money, the president compared them to gamblers hitting a jackpot.
“If we can’t ask for society’s lottery winners for that modest contribution, then really this conversation is all for show,” he told the Catholic-Evangelical Leadership Summit.
He then lamented the wave of class warfare that he himself promoted and rode into two terms in office.
“Part of what happened in our politics and part of what has shifted — elites in a very mobile globalized world are able to live together away from folks who are not as wealthy,” he said. “What used to be racial segregation mirrors itself in class segregation.”
The left know full well this isn’t true but their minions are clueless shills who believe any talking points they are told, especially from the liar-in-chief in the White House.
Over the past 6 years during Obama’s presidency the wealthy have gotten wealthier and the poor have gotten poorer thanks to Obama and Democrat policies.
And Obama thinks rich people not only have too much money but too much ability to create a better life for themselves thanks to it.

Yet Obama will lie to your face and claim the wealthy aren’t paying their fair share, even when they pay the majority of all taxes in this country.