32 Architectural Design Fails That Make Zero Sense

If you're trusted to design something, it's important to know what you're doing. People pay you a ton of money to make sure you don't mess up an entire project with something ridiculous. Sure, mistakes happen, but mistakes like this? They're just inexcusable design fails.

1. I'm sure this made traffic go swimmingly.
2. You better make sure that useless gate is closed and locked!

3. I hope these guys have great aim.

4. I guess this technically works?

5. What a view!

6. Better hope you never have to get into that toilet tank.

7. Flush before you even sit down.

8. This is perfect if you don't have legs and didn't want to watch the game anyway.

9. So it looks like the ladder's stuck.

10. Just reach across the bath tub to wipe yourself.

11. Nice paint job.

12. How does this ladder thing keep happening?

13. Yep. Just put the support beam right there.

14. The three-step manhole.

15. Who keeps designing these bathrooms?!

16. Someone doesn't follow the rules.

17. This fan is sure to cool you off.

18. Ladders are doomed to a life of design fails.

19. That handrail is the jankiest thing I've ever seen.

20. Not safe for children.

21. In case you want to eat with someone, but not really.

22. A little too close for comfort.

23. Smooth.

24. This one is just upsetting.

25. Toilet paper. Who needs it?

26. AGAIN?!

27. I think drunk kids draw this design on each other all the time.

28. You're not reaching that phone in time.

29. I'm surprised they even put anything in that drawer.

30. No one can park here.

31. Screw it, just leave the door open. Give everyone a show.

32. This can't be serious.