Saturday, April 11, 2015

The SHOCKING Closing Prayer By a Wiccan at the Iowa House of Representives

Members of the Iowa House of Representatives are accustomed to hearing an invocation at the close of their opening ceremony, but yesterday’s prayer was distinctly different and caused several members to skip the event in protest.

“We call this morning to God, Goddess, Universe, that which is greater than ourselves to be here with us today,” said Wiccan priestess Deborah Maynard. “By the Earth that is in our bones and centers us, may all here remember our roots and those whom we are here to represent….. We call this morning to Spirit, which is ever present, to help us respect the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part. Be with this legislative body and guide them to seek justice, equity and compassion in the work that is before them today.”
The prayer marked the first time a Wiccan prayer had been conducted from the floor of a US legislature.

Many Christian lawmakers refused to attend, while some simply turned their backs on the priestess during the prayer.
State Rep. Rob Taylor (R), who turned his back, said he asked himself what Jesus would do. He decided that Jesus would “be in the presence of a prayer, but peacefully protest.” Taylor also added, that while he protested the prayer, Maynard was within her rights to do it. “Everyone has the right to come into our chamber – it is the people’s chamber – and pray and she did and this was the way for me to peacefully protest.”

State Rep. Liz Bennett (D) told the media she didn’t know when she invited Maynard to speak that it would cause such controversy.

“I am honestly surprised that this has become a bit of a media frenzy. We do have a prayer every day in front of the body and different representatives invite different constituents from their districts, difference types of pastors from dominations. So, I am a little bit surprised that it has become as controversial as it has,” said Bennett.

Outside the capitol, a group of Christians organized prayers in protest.
“We feel that this is completely out of sync with the traditions of our state and our nation to seek guidance from the occult. We believe it is just not a good idea,” said their Pastor Demastus told the Des Moines Register.

 “Blessed Be, Aho, and Amen,” Maynard concluded, using a combination of a Pagan greeting, a Native American term for thanks, and the Christian “Amen.”


  1. So like ...... aside from the fact the wiccan thing is just silly made up garbage as in "everybody gets a trophy" ........ are those upset with it LITERAL bible-believers as in they DOstone homosexuals and adulterers????

  2. The bible is all about a hebrew god and he is one evil hombre ... no gettin' around that!!! Christians, Jews, and Muslims have all come from the bowels of that book and look what fruits that book hath wrought!

    "My house is not a house of confusion" ... ??? Then what shall we call it? A house of order and love??? TIME TO DUMP THAT BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. What did the so-called "christians" find offensive in that prayer? That was one of the most honest, straight forward and LEGITIMATE (touching) invocations to a deity that I have ever heard! And the "republicans" who turned their backs want to kill more muslims and russians ... sickening!!!

  4. My god's better than your god, my god's better than yours.
    No wonder I find ALL religions created by the maggots known as man to be sickening.

  5. gosh...(or God if you choose) 2015 we still have such idiocy.....
    RJ O'Guillory
    Author -
    Webster Groves - The Life of an Insane Family

  6. Maybe the 'traditions of state and nation' are out of sync with its citizens. What's wrong with this message? Why are Christians so fearful and intolerant of language not found in their black bound book from which they pick and choose what they use to belittle and condemn others with? Seems hypocritical. Who wants to believe in such a fearful, cruel, punishing, and unforgiving god? Is that really what Jesus would do? Didn't he teach love, tolerance, and forgiveness (i.e. acceptance)? I think the world would be better off if we acted from the heart, which knows truth, rather than a book of dubious authorship.

  7. I read in this (why I read it I don't know) that one silently protesting 'member had asked himself what Jesus would have done, and concluded that Jesus would have indeed just stood there, back turned. I contend that an equally historical Jesus would have chowed down a bunch of magic mushrooms, rubbed his naked body in hyper-strong hemp oil, and joined in the call to higher forces in his own well greased way.

  8. WTF are you talking about? Aren't all man-made religions 'made up'? On what basis do your label their faith, with roots going back to before Christ was ever born, 'garbage'?

  9. Will they be debating burning witches at the stake in the next session?

  10. My, how casually Christians shame their religion with their intolerant bigotry. Could the Taliban have behaved any worse?

  11. High Times Magazine ran an article a few years ago laying out the historical case for the original form of baptism being just what you speak of -- a whole-body hemp oil anointment. The water baptism known today is a bait-and-switch that came about after the Council at Nicaea made Christianity into an official tool of government control.

  12. Silly made up garbage? Wiccans are the closest living practitioners of humanity's oldest religious tradition. Goddess figurines are found in archeological digs from much of the world and remained almost unchanged for 30,000 years. All other religions are the new kids on the block, and mark a change from peaceful local practices to violent, self-serving, controlling dogma. The only reason the world's modern religions refuse to condemn Scientology is because they're afraid that opening that can of worms will expose all of them.


  14. SILLY made up garbage (1) All REINVENTED as there was no real continuity. (2) Does not cure ANYTHING.

  15. Because they are.The superstitious stick shakings of monkeys frightened by the thunder.

  16. Ah, the old "it is because it is" argument. Very convincing (not.)

  17. Your lack of education is apparent.
    The SO CALLED BIBLE, is a compilation made long after.
    Do you mean the HEBREW TORAH, commonly known as the Old Testament or better known as JEWISH? The New Testament is Hellenistic, written in GREEK by Greek Scholars of Homer. Pharisee of Israel, HATED GREEKS AND HELLENISM.
    It gets better, you will reverse yourself? What did you say... JEWS ARE ULTIMATE EVIL? Jews need to be GOTTEN RID OF???? You want to get rid of ALL JEWS AND THEIR TORAH??? Oh wait, you will reverse yourself again, not sure what you are saying.

    I really am not in a position to explain JUDAISM TO YOU, since I am not a Rabbi, but I know JEWS ARE NOT CHRISTIANS, and since you think they are SAME THING, you are not very smart.

    Yes, the TORAH is pretty violent and evil. You should go find some Jews and tell them how evil you think they are and how you want to exterminate them.

  18. Actually the historian side of it. I assume you don't know. There is no wicca. There is no history of wicca. There are no old books of wicca. It is some crap people made up recently, based on - nothing. It has no basis on earth or history. Druids? Other than Caesar mentioning them, because he genocided them ALL and wiped from the earth, there is NO HISTORY OF DRUIDS, as an oral tradition people, they did not MAKE ANY BOOKS ANYWAY, so none ever existed to survive. Every thought they ever had died with them. Why is it offensive? At least, you could pull this bullshit with an actual religion, and not some bullshit you made up recently. Why not pray to SOUTH PARK CARTOONS or Superman? It is not LIKE I am suggesting the whole thing is fake; i am saying EXACTLY THAT! it is FAKE FAKE FAKE EMO TEEN BULLSHIT!

    Ultimately, are you not TRYING TO BULLSHIT ME? and you failed. You failed to bullshit me, and I'm offended. You thought we were so stupid, that wicca is a real religion based on human culture. IT IS NOT.

  19. Atheists are LOWER CLASS PEOPLE. If you were invited to Japan, or China, or Tibet, or some ancient place with a real culture, you would destroy their rituals and ceremonies to show WHAT A FUCKING DICK YOU ARE. You are.. a dick. A shitty dick is what atheists are. You did LIE, that you did it to express your culture. You didn't. You do it to be a shitty dick. Oh wait, my mistake, to clarify, no atheists would NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER Shitty dick the rituals of their JEWISH LEADERS. You will grovel and sycophant yourselves to JEWISH RELIGION, but to everyone else, you are a shitty dick.

    Just because you have no culture, is no reason for you to shitty dick everyone elses'.

  20. Everything is made of atoms, humans, cigarettes, sand, you name it. We, everything is made from this. Why we are humans and why a paper plate is that is the question. Everything on this planet received the rules book. A dog, cow, flea, urchin, tree, plants, etc., etc., knows exactly what is expected from them...they got the book.
    We humans, have zero instructions, born weak, we must with our mighty brain and will trudge through this life "living" then maybe to find out later you got it all sad.
    Dogs love unconditionally, just to name one, they do not care what your belief system is, they don't care what your political belief is, they don't care if your obese, poor and ugly, they love with their whole being. Why can't we be like them?
    Religion is just one massive brain fu*k, if we could all understand that EVERYTHING around us is fashioned to be, whatever it may be and we are made of exactly the same thing as it is. We are all, everything you can see are made from star stuff. How much prettier can it get?
    Hate is a disgusting waste of time, it does not serve for the betterment of humanity. Only, the oppressive manipulators on this serves them supremely.
    Matrix was not very off base, we, the humans are all part of a play. How you play your part matters.
    Be the best you can be. That is it.

  21. Nice try, but he never once mentioned "getting rid" of anything but a book, and never specified which one. "Hebrews" are not above critcism, regardless of your hysterical whining. They ARE the KHaburs from Anatolia that invaded Ugarit from their VasuKanni capital of Mittani (Medes Greeks) in 666 BC. AKA YueXhi/Yoni/Ionians. The Kanni/Cain/Smithies with many tribal names. Like Assyrian. Akkadian. Hurrian. As the 18th dynasty of Egypt, they called themselves KHeperu.

    And Yuya, the "Vizier" was YWH. The "God." AKA Tushratta, king of Mittani.

  22. Stop before you choke on your bagel.

  23. "Jews" stole the mythology of Ancient Ugarit, and call it "their own." And that is historical fact. Now go crawl back under your rock.

  24. They've had the barking mad psychopathic god of the Jews prayed to. The Wiccans are responsible for much less murder and theft.