Latin American countries propose to remove all US military bases in Latin America

Ernesto Samper, general secretary of UNASUR, confirms that at the next Summit of the Americas -the next month in Panama seek to boost the decision to remove all US military bases from the Latin American territory.  

Former Colombian President said: "A good place to the new agenda of relations (which will announce the US and Latin America) would be no US military bases in South America. This belongs to the era of the Cold War. "

He also said that Washington should at the table of inter-American debates take a stance that leaves behind its unilateral judgments, let alone make judgments about human rights when there agrees to ratify what other countries in the matter. "It is absurd that a country that has not entered the inter-American human rights system formally the right to make judgments about these reserves," he said.

Samper also told EFE that "in a globalized world like the present one can not ask global rules of the game for the economy and keep unilateralism for politics. No country has the right to judge other's behavior or much less to impose sanctions or penalties on their own ".

Summit of the Americas

These discuciones will take place between 10 and 11 April in Panama, where they have already confirmed attendance 31 regional leaders, including the presidents of Venezuela, Cuba and the United States.

To many political observers it is a "historic" not only by the expected greeting between the presidents of the United States and Cuba, or what can happen between Obama and mature, but because US should attempt to destabilize a growing trend that puts a halt its interests in Latin America.