10 Foods That Can Make You Sick

You are what you eat! The span of your life depends upon the food you eat, since it has the tendency to define you and your health. It can make you or break you. There definitely are certain foods that can be potentially risky just as some can be essentially healthy for you. Hence, it is always sensible to be aware about such foods that can make you sick if proper care is not taken. Here’s a list of 10 such foods that have the potential to make you fall sick. Tread with caution!

Green Leafy Vegetables  
The main ingredients of salads and sandwiches—leafy greens can be polluted by muck, unclean water washes, etc. The bugs that feed on these greens stick to it and are difficult to be detected by the human eye. Hence, always wash these with warm water properly before using.

The salmonella bacteria love to reside in eggs. It can cause food poisoning or even typhoid if the eggs are not properly cooked.

Raw meat has high affinities of containing germs that your immune system can’t always fight away. Hence, undercooked meat should be a strict no-no.

Again, potatoes, when eaten in salads, are in a mildly raw form and have the tendency to transfer germs like shigella, e. coli, etc. into your body. Proper cooking and care is the solution.

Cheese can be mostly harmful for pregnant women since cheese contains bacteria like salmonella or listeria which can lead to miscarriages. So while taking proper care of your wife in her days of pregnancy, you should be well versed with the foods to be avoided.

Most ice-creams are made from raw milk or raw eggs that are a natural cause for the transfer of germs into ice-creams.

These are highly susceptible to bacteria. When kept in water for days, sprouts become a powerhouse for many germs. The trick is to sauté these a little before eating to keep your health safe.

Raw Milk  
Ever wondered why your mother always boils the milk after buying it in packets from outside? This process of heating raw milk is extremely important since heat kills the germs already present in raw milk.

No matter how healthy it maybe, a fish has a high concentration of mercury—an element that can cause harm to the central nervous system if taken on regular basis.

Nuts, during the roasting process, can sometimes protect the germs inhibiting it which further can find their way into supermarkets. These mostly contain salmonella that can lead to food poisoning.