Liberal Paper Thinks Michelle Obama Should Run For President

An online liberal news outlet suggests that Michele Obama would be the perfect candidate to run for President in 2016 because she would finish the work Obama has been doing to fundamentally transform our country.
Via the Mobile Tribune:
While I was lamenting the fact that Barack Obama’s term will be over in 2016, and to bad he couldn’t run for office again because he would surely win, a friend suggested that maybe Michelle Obama could run up against Hillary Clinton.

Talk about an epiphany, I was estatic that he made this suggestion and for a moment I imagined the possibility.

After all, Bill Clinton was president and now Hillary is running, so why not Michelle Obama?
Since we can be sure Michelle is supportive of her husband’s accomplishments and goals, we can also feel confident she would continue in his vein.
Barack Obama will leave office with so much more he would like to mend for this country, and having Michelle as commander and chief Americans would enjoy the benefits of his – their – vision.
I have no doubt that if Michelle announces her intent to run, she would immediately have the support of Americans needed to win.

I encourage the first lady to consider running and know that in doing so she will be immensely appreciated by a majority who want to see the working and middle class gain higher ground against the forces that hold us back.