Dog was asked to give blood

This is Mac. He was called in to be an emergency blood donor for a critically ill dog.

The first time he donated we used this little kit to check his blood type. He is DEA 1.1 negative, meaning he is a universal dog donor.

After a blood sample was taken to make sure he was healthy his neck was clipped and he was given a clean.

The packs we use are designed for humans, but work well in dogs. This is a single bag which doesn't allow for splitting of the red blood cells and plasma.

The needle goes in to the jugular vein as it's the only one big enough.

It's going

Nearly there

Blood is flowing nicely. He was held by the muzzle to stop him moving his head and damaging his vein.

All done! Now to give it to the patient.

Happy(ish) afterwards and ready for a lot of treats.

The same day, back out with frisbee.